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Very helpful for my first time doing GCSE Maths. Made me much more confident in what my grades would be. I definitely recommend this service
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Very dedicated and passionate about teaching and helping learners to learn more effectively

June Nwosu

June Nwosu has over 10 years experience in education and presently works as a Maths and IT lecturer. June has a B.Sc. hons degree in Industrial Mathematics, M.A in Digital Media Development for Education, M.Sc in Professional Software Development and a Teachers Diploma. June also works as a Software Developer and publishes apps on the Play Store and App Store.

Hoda Abdul

Hoda Abdul is an experienced teacher with a track record of helping students achieve excellent results. Hoda has a B.A hons degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and is very dedicated to teaching learners effectively

Amir Cole

Amir has a degree in English and has over 5 years experience in teaching

Timi Shar

Timi has over 3 years experience in teaching GCSE and A’Level students and currently teachers at a leading secondary school in London.

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Enjoy learning comfortably in the comfort of your own home at a more convenient time with Juvang eLesson which is an online One to One tuition service.  We provide eLessons in various subjects; our students have particularly excelled at Maths achieving very high scores and grades at class tests, GCSE and A’Levels giving them better opportunities to gain admissions to top schools and universities.


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